Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nazneen Contractor

Actress Nazneen Contractor was born in Mumbai, India.
Nazneen Contractor spent much of her childhood in Nigeria and London and at the age of ten she moved to Canada.

Early on in her career Nazneen Contractor joined the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Nazneen acted as the lead in a few of there plays including their production of a Midsummer Night's Dream and Pericles. Nazneen Contractor was the first actor of East Asian decent to act in the lead of plays put on by that theater company.

After working with the Stratford Shakespear Festival for two seasons Nazneen Contractor went to the University of Toronto. While studying Nazneen Contractor acted in bit parts in TV shows and films.

In 2008 Nazneen Contractor joined the cast of the hit CBC show The Border.

In 2010 Nazneen Contractor joined the cast of the 8 season of 24 playing the daughter of the president of the Islamic Republic.

Some of Nazneen Contractor's other acting work include Love Letters, We R Friends, Othello, The Papdits, Street Time and The Matthew Shepard Story.

Nazneen Contractor is a follower of the Zoroastrianism.