Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tasmin Lucia Khan

Tasmin Lucia Khan is a TV news reporter, model and talk show host.

She graduated form Oxford with an Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Tasmin Lucia Khan started her career as a sports caster for Channel Five.

in 2000 Tasmin worked Indian Television network Zee TV Network, where she started out as a news reporter and entertainment presenter. Khan then went on to host her own entertainment talk show for Zee TV.

She now works for BBC 3's 60 second news (it's like 60 minutes but a lot quicker)

on January 15th she did a news report for the 60 second news out of breath. since people only heard her, there was a lot of wild speculation on why she was breathing heavily.

Tasmin Lucia and BBC say the reason was she was out of breath because she was called in at the last minute for that news cast and rushed to get to the studio, and was out of breath as she did the report.

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